For us, the highest standards are just good enough

Insights into our production



Independent review of food law requirements and product-specific quality standards.

"Trust describes the subjective conviction of the correctness, truthfulness of actions, insights and statements or the honesty of persons."

Exactly this is the definition of trust purely technically and without any emotion. Be it private or business, we at Vit4ever believe that trust is one of the most beautiful gifts one can receive. In order not to disappoint the trust that you have placed in us and have placed for years, we rely on our specially developed (QM) quality management!

There are already enough bad products. This is why our contract manufacturing only works with selected raw material suppliers, produces under strict quality standards, and pays great attention to implementing both products and services in the best possible quality.





Insights into our production


“Quality without Compromise” A compromise is the solution of a conflict through mutual voluntary agreement, with mutual renunciation of parts of the respective demands.

In the same way we define a compromise, a concession between two parties in order to find a solution to a problem. In private and often in business life, this agreement is of course a very good approach, without question. In a production facility where we have our products made, this would mean that either individual production steps are faulty or not 100% mature. For this reason, our production facilities do not allow any compromises. This is only possible through decades of know-how and further training of employees in the individual areas of capsule, powder and liquid food supplement production in connection with the highest standards and certifications such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) ) and ISO-22000 / ISO-9001. Through years of process optimization, we have been able to ensure that no compromises have to be made in the first place.





Insights into our production


Our Vit4Ever warehouse

The following two factors form the basis for us in the entire production process

Success! We regard the things and the decisions we make as success which have a positive effect on our business operations. But this is only 50% of the total. The other 50% result from decisions that sometimes “go wrong” and encourage us even more to question processes and improve processes.

Vit4ever has been a family business since the beginning, which has been and is based on its own idealies and philosophies. These are to provide the end customer with a perfect product at a fair price without having to accept any compromises. Every employee in our company, from production to product development to shipping and customer support, shares this attitude, which we value and are very proud of. Because the whole can only function smoothly if every link in a chain has the same pulling power and every employee experiences the same appreciation in a company and does their job with pleasure and dedication. And this is exactly what, in our opinion, makes a stable and long-lasting company.