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Light gymnastic exercises for your everyday life

Are you looking for mini-workouts to complement your classic training and improve your body awareness in no time at all? Then you can look forward to simple gymnastic exercises that can be easily integrated into your everyday life. Our workouts are also ideal for you if you are temporarily unable to train properly due to an injury, but still want to keep fit.

We present you the best gymnastic exercises for your everyday lifeWhenever you feel like a mini-workout - at home, in the office or while waiting for the bus.

Get motivated with the following mini workouts:

  • Quick gymnastics basics
  • The most popular mini workouts
  • Train on the road without tools
  • Home office gymnastics
  • Quick fit while waiting
  • Loosening exercises for in between

Fit through the day: How small gymnastic exercises in everyday life do your body good

Many believe that only a regular, sweaty workout brings success. It is true that it makes sense for your well-being and health to do a cardio workout several times a week in combination with strength training. However, there are always phases in the sometimes stressful everyday life where there is simply not enough time to go to the gym three times a week. 

In addition, some people find it easier to integrate small sports exercises into their day than to work out in the gym for two hours at a stretch. This is exactly where mini-workouts come into play, which are also excellent as an icing on the cake in addition to fitness, jogging or tennis. tennis.

Last but not least, athletes can benefit from simple, everyday gymnastic exercises, since only individual muscle groups are often stimulated during a classic workout. In this context, it is especially important to strengthen your back muscles every now and then in between and to relieve your joints. "Last but not least, many people suffer from tension in the shoulder, neck and back area, which can be effectively relieved by loosening mini-exercises when performed regularly.

Small exercises, big effect: These mini-workouts fit into every day life

One highlight of small workouts is that they can be spontaneously integrated into everyday life depending on the occasion and location - for example, while waiting at the supermarket checkout. While commuting to work by bus or waiting at traffic lights are naturally more low-key exercises like relaxing foot and shoulder circles, you can be more creative at the home office and Activate your body with squat toe raises, jumping jacks and co..

Watching your favorite show is also the perfect opportunity to keep fit almost incidentally - not all the time, but for example when commercials are on.

Let the following mini-workouts inspire you to more movement and fitness - situational, uncomplicated and with an extra portion of fun.

Gymnastics to go: Simple exercises for on the go

Small workouts are ideal in situations where you can't do anything else because you're traveling from A to B by bus or train. The following exercises for ankles, legs and your neck and shoulder area can even be done standing up on a crowded train.

Mini workouts for bus and train:

  • Shoulder circles: To ease uncomfortable tension in your neck and shoulders, you can lift your shoulders in circular motions and rhythmically pull them back down. When doing this, make sure to move slowly and breathe calmly and with focus.
  • Calf Raise: To work your calf muscles, alternate standing on your toes and then slowly lower your foot back down. In addition, you can remain in the position on the balls of your feet for a few seconds.
  • Foot circles: Your feet have to perform at their best day after day. To relieve or loosen your ankles and promote blood circulation, rotate your left and right foot alternately clockwise and then counterclockwise in several passes.

Fit at the desk: You can also do these gymnastics in the office

If you work mostly in a home office or at a desk in an office, it's a good idea to get up and move around a bit at least every hour - for example, to pour yourself a cup of tea or to stand by an open window and breathe in some fresh air. 

In addition, the following gymnastic exercises are suitable as a small fitness break, which you can perform partly standing and partly sitting.

Gymnastic exercises for the office:

  • Standing table exercise: First, stand sideways next to your office desk and place your adjacent hand on the tabletop. Now begin a side arm raise with the other hand: bring your initially hanging arm over your head and back again - including several repetitions. Be careful to avoid jerky movements and repeat the exercise on both sides.
  • Swivel Chair Exercise: If you have a swivel chair, sit with your back straight on the front third of the seat. Now slowly turn from side to side to strengthen the muscles of your core and spine.
  • Hip flexor stretch: This exercise also works with a stationary work chair: sit on the seat and pull your left knee toward your chest. Hold your knee with both hands and stay in the stretch for about 15 to 30 seconds before switching sides and exercising your right hip flexor.

No more boredom: effective exercises you can do while waiting

In everyday life, there are always situations in which you have to wait - whether at the checkout in the supermarket, for the bus or at the doctor. If you use this opportunity to get some exercise, you benefit twice: While you relax your shoulders or train your abdominal muscles, the waiting time automatically seems shorter.

Mini-workouts to make effective use of waiting time:

  • Tighten abdominal muscles: In this simple abdominal exercise, which you can perform unobserved, you tense your abdomen in several rounds for a few seconds and then relax it again. This mini-workout is also ideal for your pomus muscles.
  • Arm circles and shoulder rolls: You can relax tense, achy shoulders while standing in a long line with simple movement exercises like arm circles or loosening shoulder rolls.
  • Wrist exercises: In this simple exercise, you let your wrists slowly circle rhythmically. In between you can open and close your hands several times.

Get fit while watching series: You can also do this little workout in front of the TV

While watching TV, talking on the phone, or cooking while you're waiting for the next preparation step, the following mini-workouts are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. 

Gymnastics exercises while watching movies and talking on the phone:

  • Single-leg balance exercise: This exercise is ideal for longer phone calls. Stand on one leg and hold the position for as long as possible before switching sides.
  • Squat Toe Raises: This mini-workout is also great for commercial breaks or a phone call. Start by squatting and then move to your toes in a flowing motion. This gymnastic exercise strengthens your leg muscles and increases flexibility.
  • Light dumbbell workout: While watching TV or talking on a hands-free phone, you can use a pair of light dumbbells to perform simple exercises like biceps curls or triceps extensions.

3 minutes for more mobility: quick and easy exercises for the day

Sometimes you just have to do it fast: Exercises for which you don't need any tools are ideal for a lightning-fast workout. The following mini workouts are perfect for in-between workouts to define your silhouette - provided you regularly incorporate push-ups and the like into your daily routine.

Mini workouts for in between:

  • Wall push-ups: Stand facing the wall, place your hands flat on the wall and perform a type of push-up while standing. During the exercise, slowly push your body toward the wall and then back again. As always, avoid jerky movements and focus on steady repetitions.
  • Jumping Jacks: This "jumping jack" exercise is also ideal for in-between as a little cardio workout. As you jump into the straddle from a standing position, pull your arms parallel above your head before jumping back into a "shoulder narrow" stance, bringing your hands together behind your back. When performing, make sure to do the repetitions as quickly as possible once the flow is smooth and even.
  • Step-Ups: Stand in front of a stair step and perform alternating leg lifts to strengthen your thigh muscles and firm your butt - easy in between.

You can use these everyday situations for a little workout

Finally, we would like to introduce you to a few opportunities that you can excellently use for mini-workouts and simple gymnastic exercises.

Perfect moments for your mini training:

  • Take small breaks during your workday (e.g., while sitting or standing at your desk).
  • The lunch break is ideal for a mini workout in the fresh air
  • Use everyday activities like brushing your teeth or waiting on the phone loop to mobilize your body
  • During a serial marathon you can do arm circles, shoulder rolls and so on every now and then.
  • Use the time while riding the bus to alternately tighten and loosen your abdominal and butt muscles
  • Every time before you get up in the morning, you can activate your circulation and lymphatic flow with "cycling" in the air and, by the way, exercise your leg muscles
  • During a meeting you can let your ankles circle unobserved underneath the table - and relieve stress at the same time
  • Use commercial breaks on TV for standing mini-workouts like jumping jacks, squat toe raises and more.
  • Queues at the checkout and waiting times at the train stop are perfect for mini-exercises to loosen up your shoulders and tighten up your abdominal or butt muscles

Final Tip: For gymnastics exercises at home, powerful music can help motivate you and make your exercise sessions more interesting - one song length is enough!

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