Laboratory tests

Whether vitamins, minerals or superfoods - you can rely on the quality of our Vit4ever products! This is also confirmed by the laboratory tests of independent testing institutes: With us, you buy only high-quality products that deliver exactly what they promise. Highly concentrated ingredients, manufactured according to strict European quality standards - without unwanted additives or impurities.

Trust is good, control is better: We have sent all our Vit4ever products to independent German laboratories for analysis. There, state-certified food chemists have carried out a large number of chemical and microbiological analyses and documented them in detail. 

Convince yourself: The certificates confirm the stated active ingredient content and purity of our Vit4ever products. They also document compliance with all applicable limits and recommended values. So you can be sure that our products are not contaminated with potentially harmful substances such as heavy metals or mold.

Here you can view the test reports for all our products: Simply click on the search window and enter the product name.

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