Where are Vit4ever products manufactured?

All our products are manufactured only in the best and most prestigious production facilities in Germany and the Netherlands. Here, in addition to qualitative aspects such as a GMB / ISO 9001 and HACCP certifications, it is important to us that just as we deal with our customers, we maintain a long-standing and friendly relationship.

Why do some products smell so strong?

Since we offer a lot of natural products and pay special attention to keeping our products as natural as possible, a "typical smell" often cannot be avoided.

Why are your omega 3 not vegan?

Omega 3 is a very popular product, which is becoming more and more interesting for a high number of people. For this reason, it is important for us to be able to provide this to the end consumer very inexpensively. Unfortunately, this is not possible on a vegan basis and is quite expensive. But even for this we have created with our algae oil omega 3 capsules yet a very good alternative.

Why do you offer products with so much content?

The average can size is 180 - 360 capsules / tablets or 500 g - 1250 g of powder, so we can ensure that we can offer you the best price / performance ratio and you always at least 90 days up to a year with only one product get along and save additionally still the environment by less packaging waste.

Why do you have such a wide range of products as opposed to other suppliers?

In the selection of our products we put a lot of emphasis on diversification! This means that one of our goals is to constantly improve and expand our products. This way we can ensure that there is a suitable product for every customer.

Why is it so difficult to learn about the effects of your products?

This is unfortunately a very interesting point. We would very much like to share more about the effect of our products with you. However, the legislator prohibits us from doing this and has "brought to life" the so-called Health Claim Regulation for this purpose, where it was specified exactly which effect statements may be made.

Why aren't all your products Made in Germany?

As it is our main goal to always offer the customer the best price/performance ratio, this is not always possible to have all manufactured in Germany due to labor costs etc.. In addition, we have been working with our partners for over 10 years and strictly adhere to the first rule in business "Never change a winning team". In addition, each of our partners is specialized in certain products and processes.

Do you actually do special promotions / discount campaigns?

Yes! Usually, our products are always subjected to special occasions such as: Mother's Day, Easter Christmas, Pentecost, etc. also subjected to discount promotions. However, this does not originate from ourselves, but from our distributor: VitaminVersand24.com. If you want to participate in these or always be informed, you must subscribe to the newsletter at VitaminVersand24.com.

Why are you cheaper than other suppliers for so many products and does the quality suffer as a result?

This question is of course justified and also very simple and quickly explained. Of course, we can't do magic either and have to earn money with our store. Quality is our highest claim next to the price. However, we are now in a position to have all products manufactured in very large containers, which significantly affects the price to the positive. In addition, we still keep our team small, as well as familiar and do without large advertising expenses, which is always reflected in the price.

Are your products laboratory tested?

As a rule, all our products are laboratory-tested by German, independent and state-certified institutes. The testing is carried out on a wide range of parameters such as purity, quality and active ingredient content. The current tests and results are available on our page Laboratory analyses available.

Who are your products suitable for?

With our Vit4ever brand, we have made it our mission to serve as large a clientele as possible. From the competitive athlete who wants to support his performance, to the expectant mother in pregnancy who wants to accompany her desire to have a child with nutritional supplements.

Do your products contain harmful substances?

All Vit4ever products are free of questionable additives, separating agents such as magnesium stearate, dyes, preservatives, stabilizers, gluten and of course GMO free.

Why do the products sometimes differ in color?

Since we rely mainly on natural ingredients, this objective "flaw" can unfortunately not be avoided. With a natural product which contains no synthetic components, it is unfortunately impossible that it always has the same color! For this there are unfortunately x factors which influence this and which one can never exclude with fresh and natural commodity!

Growing area, time of harvest, light exposure, etc. are just some factors that can change points such as color / odor, without the quality changes even if this makes the impression!

Are your products natural?

Always when possible! If we have the possibility to fall back on an organic and thus natural product or ingredient, if we will always do this! However, in some cases it is not possible or allowed. As for example with the vitamin B7 (Biotin), this is due to the Novel-Food-Regulation not allowed to use from a natural source, in the case of the Sesbania plant. In cases like this we use synthetic substances that have a maximum quality and bioavailability.

Where do your raw materials come from?

Our partners have only one objective here and that is quality and bioavailability. For this reason, we / our partners use resources from around the world! Since each country brings its own advantages with it. Such as Maca from Peru, or Curcuma from India.

Why do you use fillers?

Even if some manufacturers would like you to believe it, a complete elimination of fillers is unfortunately not always possible! Each raw material has different flow properties and can therefore not always get into the capsule / tablet without the addition of a filler. If it is possible for us and the raw material to be processed makes it possible, we will of course dispense with the addition of a filler. However, if this is not possible, we will a mixture of travel extract as a filler, as this has been classified as absolutely safe, natural and vegan!

Are conventional products worse than organic products?

In principle, conventional products are neither worse nor better than organic certified products. All our products are subject to strict selection criteria and tests. In addition, it is often forgotten that for legal reasons it is not even possible to obtain organic certification for a large number of extracts.

Why are not all your products certified organic?

As the name suggests, an organic certification is "only" a certificate that you can buy. As you can often see for yourself, the market or a brand often offers 1:1 the same product as "organic" and as "not organic". The customer pays with the "bio product" naturally a higher price, since the "costs" must be converted to the price. Often a conventional raw material is at least as good as an organic product. In addition, we have our raw materials tested by an independent laboratory for purity to ensure the best possible quality level.

I have more questions, how can I reach you?

Customer service is our top priority, because only a satisfied customer is a long-term customer. If you have any questions that we could not answer here, please feel free to contact us at any time at: info@vitaminversand24.com and our team will contact you shortly.

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